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Posted on 29 Fév 2016 in Voyager en Birmanie aujourd'hui | 0 comments

Responsible photography and Chin women tattooed

Coming expedition in remote Chin state

Birmanie Responsable is going to Chin state soon, do you have any contact there ?
Talking about that, we have found this article long ago, it need to be shared !

Chin women tattoed have become more and more popular for their picturesque beauty but they actually suffer from the increasing number of curious tourists.
A journalist interviewed them about how they felt to be photographed and it is really interesting !

« I love the tourists, » says Daw Har Young, « But I wonder why they want to take photos of us, » she passes a hand through her hair, the sun illuminating her banded face. « Is it because they think we’re beautiful or ugly? I’m afraid that they might use the photos to mock us. »

« Once some tourists photographed me when I was returning from my field and I was dirty and unprepared, » she says. « I felt ashamed. » Both women are adamant that it is the height of rudeness to snap a picture of them without asking permission. »

There is a lot of things to consider for what can be called phototourism, the practice of photography while travelling. A solid article on the good practices guide will be dedicated to this.
Always remember that many people consider it is rude to snap a picture without asking !

Marked for life : a photo exhibition from a german Myanmar lover

We also have one high recommendation if you are in Yangon in March : don’t miss Marked for life exhibition.

Photographie responsable et femmes tatouées de l'état Chin en Birmanie
The german photographer Jens Uwe Parkitny has been visiting Chin several times since the late 1990’s, so he know pretty well the area… and he always offer a polaroid photo to his subjects !
But the story didn’t tell if he can speak the 53 different languages of the area…

Edit :
The exhibition is now over but you can still discover the pictures here.

Facial tattooing symbolized group affiliation and identity, expressed beliefs in spirits and an animated nature, as well as signaled accomplishments of certain stages or achievements in the life of the bearer. It was often part of the rite de passage from girl to womanhood or boy to warrior. Last but not least,  among the ethnic groups that have practiced facial tattooing, it is also an expression of a beauty perception that is different from ours.

Read the full interview about the photographer’s long term project or watch Jens interviewed at the exhibition :

Explore and enjoy !

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