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Discover the project

An engaged, documented journey for responsible tourism

Together building a good sustainable practice guide & travel book

Aung San Suu Kyi, the 4000 temples of Bagan city, 49 years of dictatorship, a unique heritage. And 3 millions tourists : an unprecedented tidal wave of tourism which has washed the shore of the country since 2011.
A question that we continue to ask ourselves : How can I as a traveler have a positive impact on this country and its inhabitants?

Let’s ask them.


These answers are what we aim to find with this project, and our discoveries could potentially have a positive impact for sustainable and respectful travel practices on a global level!

Together, Alice and Laura will collect the testimonies of the Burmese people to build a collection of good practices for the responsible travel guide.
AND you are in luck !  your holiday doesn’t have to be complicated or boring: we are looking for easily applicable good practices during our trip!

The bonus ? Easing the contact with the Burmese people to make your trip unique and unforgettable!

It is our mission to act at a responsible level of tourism to preserve this unique country and make a difference.

Birmanie Responsable has been selected by the Grand Bivouac Festival, and Alice & Laura have integrated a training for setting up projects.


What is Birmanie Responsable ?

This project is our engagement as travelers to make people more aware and sensitive to responsible tourism and propose solutions to change behavior.

3 minutes to discover the project :

Birmanie Responsable, this is 9 months to collect testimonies and give the floor to the Burmese to answer this question : how to have a positive impact on the country and the Burmese culture while travelling?
This is the occasion to investigate the reality of the tourism industry, and remind travelers of  the current political and social transition.

The majority of the trip will be in Burma with a few weeks being spent in Thailand, especially Chiang Mai where a lot of associations and Burmese refugees are settled. We already have contacts with some of these individuals, and these “exiled” Burmese can benefit from a better freedom of expression.

Birmanie Responsable is:

  • : a platform of information
  • A free guide of good practices to become a responsible traveller
  • A multimedia travel journal to share our co-written story, images, sounds and videos.

A day in Burma (read the article on our website)

Support us and become part of the project !

To leave and start our field survey, we need you !
We urge you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, and chose whichever reward suits you best!


No money ? To help us, here is your mission : convince one person to contribute or spread the awareness of our association! All of your efforts are greatly appreciated !

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get news from the project !

Why to travel responsibly to Burma ?

Responsible and sustainable tourism can emerge from the joint collaboration between government agencies, the population, travel professionals, and travelers.

We strongly believe in individual initiatives, which take part in a global improvement.

It is even more important in a country starting to open up to mass tourism.

« Where is my money going? Can we sleep in the homes of native people? Should we donate to monks, children, and associations? Should we bring medicine? Can we really go to see giraffe women in « human zoos”? What are the Burmese traditions to respect ? »

We asked ourselves these questions. Some of them are still waiting for an answer. They helped give birth to Birmanie Responsable which aims to answer them, for the traveling public with the testimonies of Burmese people.

Our analysis of the tourism sector comes from several travel experiences and we want to investigate our impact on the countries, which welcome us.

Burma today

In 2011, Burma, one of the most closed countries of the world, saw the end of 49 years of a dictatorship. Since then, it has become a very popular destination and attracts mass tourism. But its development is badly controlled and threatens the environment and the population.
From 400 000 tourists in 2011, it jumped to 3 millions in 2014, with even more predicted to come in the future.

It is a beautiful country, as rich for its heritage and raw materials (Teak, oil, gemstones…) as its population is in need and asks for better access to education and health.

Burma has become a controlled democracy, but the beginning of this democracy are tempered and unequal.

How to get more information? you can consult our website and our traveler mediatheque (part of it is in French).


A digital project

Birmanie Responsable has a strong digital dimension.
Several reasons : despite our immoderate love for books, the price of a paper edition is prohibitive!

Digital media equals more accessibility with a wider diffusion for spreading awareness of this project and sustainable tourism in Burma.

Which is better for an awareness campaign that aims at the widest audience and wants to maintain sustainable practices!

We also want to propose a cultural creation: a digital travel journal inspired by travel books but enriched with the infinite possibilities of digital media!

In other words, a new object, a mix between text, photo, video and immersive sound.


Our partners

Many partners support Birmanie Responsable :

  • The Grand Bivouac festival
  • Sandrine Mercier, our project mentor, journalist and head of redaction
  • Aller Retour magazine
  • Info Birmanie, NGO dedicated to democracy access for Burma
  • Aventures du Bout du monde, association for travellers
  • Voyagecast, the website for travellers’ podcasts
  • the MJC of Saint-Brieuc
  • the Resia, the international solidarity network in Côtes d’Armor (Brittany)
  • Icone-Home, the young and talented screen printers who designed our bags and t-shirts



Thank you everybody!

Your encouragement is crucial for our momentum !

Thanks to all of those who support us since the beginning, to the Grand Bivouac festival team who selected our project,

Thanks to our many proofreaders and translators (Katy, Louise, Quentin, April, Trell), and advisors, who enquire, support, and love our project!

What are the funds for?

The total budget of the project is 12000€ and includes equipment (audio, video and photo), 9 months expenses, communication, creation of an exhibition, and numerical/digital support (web, travel book and post production). If we go beyond our objective of 4500€ we would be able to purchase professional camera and lens !And if we go beyond 6500€, we could benefit from a professional to design the travel book.


Discover the possible gifts for our donors

We appreciate the support from our donors and would like to share in our voyage with the donors who helped make this project possible, the following a few examples of what to expect to receive if you are a donor.


Burmese handicrafts : puppets, watercolors, sunshades, sand paintings, spices, jewels… each city has its specialty.

Burmese indigenous cloth known as the longyi (say « longtchi ») this large piece of traditional cloth isusually wrappedaround the legs of men and women.

(We even wrote an article on the topic !)


Sand painting, mainly seen in Bagan, is a peculiar technique: the artist glues sand on a piece of cloth, then draws shapes with a pencil or with inks, and finally adds the colors


Breton screen printed items from Icone-Home (Saint-Brieuc, Brittany), who designed a specific drawing just for our project, all in support of local businesses.

They also printed beautiful t-shirts !

About the project owner

Laura & AliceWe met 10 years ago, long before knowing we would one day share a trip to India, then a solid engagement forresponsible tourism.


Laura Talias, 28
Saint-Brieuc (Brittany)

Training : Master in communications and tourism development

You might come across me hitchhiking or behind my camera. I discovered a passion for alternative and responsible tourism after a sabbatical spent on travelling in 2010.

Some of my most memorable voyages: an exchange student in Montreal, and a 50 day adventure in Oz with 2 months in Tasmania

My travellers’ philosophy: Everyone we come across can bring something to us. Always keep your eyes open (day to day and on a journey)

Alice Glénisson, 27

Training : Master in Human Rights and humanitarian action

I am currently working for The French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA)

On the matter of travels, the long-term experiences have been remarkable. I lived for several months in India and in the USA for internships. In both cases, the people I’ve met there were memorable.

My travellers’ philosophy : Adventure can be around the corner!


You can find more information on our website or ask us questions on

A Million thanks for your invaluable support!

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